Choosing the Right Locksmith Service general professionalism and phone etiquette.

In recent years the locksmith industry has seen an unusual increase in the number of locksmith companies popping up in markets all over the country. Some are good, legitimate solid companies with the intentions of providing locksmith services at fair market pricing and exhibiting good business practices. Unfortunately, there are a growing number of “companies” that are not necessarily looking out for the customer’s best interest. In varies markets throughout the country the good locksmith companies are being completing put out of business by fake or scam “locksmiths”. This is obviously a worst-case scenario.

The good news is that there are ways to help prevent yourself or someone you know from getting taken advantage of by one of the not-so-great companies. I recommend the 2 strikes method. It is simple 2 strikes and your out! On to the next…
Here is a list of couple ideas that if kept in mind when looking for a good locksmith, may just save you a great deal to time and money.
1. The first thing I recommend doing when calling amount any service based company is get online and check with BBB. The Better Business Bureau is always a good place to start.

Let’s say time is not on your side and you need a Locksmith Now.

When you get on the phone.

2. Ask a lot of questions.
    Ask for an estimate for the work that you need done?
   Ask who will be the person coming out to your location?
   Ask if the company has a physical location in the local area?
   Ask how long they have been in business?
   Ask if they are members of the BBB or Local Chamber?

   Trust your gut. If something does not seem right count as a strike and           move to the next.

3. Listen for general professionalism and good phone etiquette.

If you’re on the phone and the person you’re talking to is rude move on. You would think that this is something most people would hang up on, but believe or not I can not tell you how calls we have received stating that “the last guy I used was so rude”.

4. The last one I am going to mention is checking out the company reviews online. Now, that being said the “scam companies” have figured out that good customers read the reviews. They are keen to this and have found a way to slip past the QA of the various platforms that provide a review system. I recommend reading a handful of reviews. A couple goods and a couple negative. Read the responses from the owner if any. Trust your gut.

If the person you are asking questions to about your lock or keys cannot respond with reasonable answer whether it is pricing, how they intend to solve your issue, this may be a sign of trouble. Knowing the exact price on every call is fairly to nail down, but any experience locksmith will be able to explain what and why and most likely give a general idea of what needs to happen.
These pointers are just a few recommendations to perhaps save you time and a great deal heart ache and pain as well as your money. The best advise is that when you do find a locksmith company, keep their number just in case you or some you know needs a good locksmith company. It is better know a good company before you actually need one.