Home Warranty Locksmith Service

Red front door md For Homeowners

There’s nothing quite as exciting – and sometimes overwhelming – as having the keys to your new home placed in your hands. Faced with a seemingly endless list of things to do, a new locksmith service offered by ARC Locksmith unlocks a quick and convenient solution to one of homebuyers’ top priorities: protecting their investment and keeping their family more secure.

Re-keying is one of the first and most important things new homeowners need to do as soon as they take possession of their home, and we’re pleased to offer them a convenient and cost-effective way to do it. Our business is built on solving the homeowner’s dilemma, whether it’s repairing covered breakdowns of home systems and appliances, or helping secure a new home. Adding professional locksmith services at the time of a home purchase broadens our portfolio of home services and reinforces our commitment to help make home ownership a great experience.
Here’s how the service works: Customers simply call or go online and place their service request with the warranty company, then ARC Locksmith will contact them to schedule an appointment. ARC Locksmith will re-key locks on doors with outside access and provide new keys to fit these existing locks.

While homeowners could pay up to $140 or more without the home warranty coverage, with ARC Locksmith they can save up to half off.
Our service is an enhancement to a homeowner’s home warranty product, which may already provide repairs and replacements for items such as major appliances and components of HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.
This new re-key program is another example of how ARC Locksmith adds value for our customers by protecting and maintaining their homes and businesses. We’re committed to continuously developing services that bring more convenience, while delivering significant value to our customers.

For Warranty Companies:

If you are part of a warranty company, or working with one for your home please consider including locksmith service from ARC Locksmith. ARC Locksmith Service is locally owned and operated providing affordable and professional services for all of your Residential Locksmith needs for St. Charles and it’s surrounding areas. Homeowners will be met by a qualified locksmith who excels at residential services and will tackle any locksmith issues they have. As the first choice in expert residential locksmith services, you can trust in us!